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Blended Learning


Implement a Successful Blended Learning Model

Media Club House™ empowers teachers to more easily overcome the challenges that come with blended-learning models.  We make it easy to combine online and offline activities,  access a variety of rigorous activities and applications that provide the depth and breadth needed in today’s diverse classroom, and leverage technology to automate administrative tasks, such as grouping and assessment so teachers have more time to do what they do best – teach. Today’s educator know that a high-quality, online learning solution that is easy to manage and engaging for students can increase student engagement which leads to academic success and personal growth.

To support blended learning, Media Club House™ provides a student-centered education program with:

  • Rigorous and engaging content and instruction for levels K–12
  • Immediate feedback for data-driven group instruction
  • Resources and professional development to improve teacher effectiveness
  • Any time learning from any location access
  • Individualized and group assignments
  • Flexible grouping based on data from assessments and assignments
  • Real-time access to data through teacher dashboard and reports
  • Strengths-based assessment to identify a student’s top three interests, learning styles, and expression styles

A partnership with Media Club House™ can remove the barriers of space and time to improve teacher effectiveness and student achievement. To learn how you can create a more effective personalized learning environment for your students – one that give teachers more time to focus on student achievement – contact us today; we’re here to make the process of creating learning environments as unique as ever classroom seamless.