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Kids Love Fillmmaking™




Kids Love Filmmaking is a 2 month program. It was developed to give students the opportunity to learn about film making. Whether your child is an aspiring filmmaker, actor or actress, director, or writer this program is for them. They will enjoy the freedom to explore the creative possibilities of filming their own short movie.  To accomplish this task, we will provide the children with everything they need to make a short film or commercial. Our program takes 20-30 students per session and gives them a tutorial on the film making process. The students will be separated into groups where they will collaborate with each other and develop a concept for the film. They will participate in writing the script for the films and then appoint a director, actors, and camera crew. We provide them the skills and equipment needed to bring their vision to life. The students will shoot their own films within the 2 month session. The will learn cinematography, storyboarding, script writing, how to work a video camera, how to use non-linear editing software, and they will get to participate in editing their own films.




1) Academic Support Program: Our program support subjects such as Reading, Math, Writing, Science, Social Studies, and Computers. We provide a quiet space to do homework with other students and get help from trained tutors. There are typically 10-20 students in a room with one instructor and some times extra volunteers. IMPORTANT: Some students may not finish all of their homework and will still have some to do at home!

2) Career and Recreational Program: Students will participate in physical activities including artistic performance and acting. Students will learn a skill that will help advance

3) Enrichment Program: Our program is a place to have fun, learn, create and meet new friends! Students participate in classes such as Life Skills, Team Building, Script writing, Movie Watch-ing, Acting, Video Editing, Filming, Direct-ing, Cinematography, Graphic Design, Storyboarding, Equipment Training, DSLR CAMERA, Lighting Equipment, Software Training, Computer Training, Music Scoring, and Photography 


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