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FUTURE SPORTS™ fuses physical activities with mathematical equations.  We believe that learning can be achieved outside of a traditional classroom setting.  By engaging students in safe, age appropriate physical activities such as soccer, basketball, flag football, and many other sport activities, we will nourish the whole child and enrich their lives. Our sporting activities are designed to improve coordination, body awareness, hand eye coordination, and agility.  We incorporate Math games from Kidz Math or Math Explorer programs to build and advance their mathematical abilities. 


The AfterSchool KidzMath curriculum

We incorporate AfterSchool KidzMath curriculum into our program.  KidzMath is a mathematics enrichment program designed specifically for out-of-school settings.  It uses cooperative games and storybook-based activities to promote mathematical understanding and social development.  Children develop mathematical skills, gain confidence in their mathematical abilities, increase their enjoyment of mathematics, and improve their ability to work with others. The program, which is aligned with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards, offers considerable support for after-school staff.

Math Explorer

The Math Explorer program is a collection of hands-on mathematics games and activities designed to engage students while supporting the unique needs of after-school staff. The program invites young people to fly planes and launch rockets, play games, and make cool stuff to take home, while reinforcing a variety of math skills.  Without the kids realizing it, their math attitudes and aptitudes begin to change. The Math Explorer program was created by the Exploratorium, San Francisco’s nationally recognized leader in inquiry-based, hands-on education.